Loretta Haugh - Sarasota, FL

Loretta Haugh NCCS Director at Large

As a member of the Christ Child Society of Sarasota, Florida, it is an honor to join the National Christ Child Board of Directors and work to further the mission of serving all children at risk.  Currently, I serve as the Membership Director in the Sarasota Chapter and also hold a supporting membership in CC of Akron, Ohio.  This dual experience has afforded me a unique perspective on the diverse characteristics of different chapters, their projects, programs and challenges.  I am truly excited to further expand my knowledge and to serve on the National Board of Christ Child.

My professional and personal passion has always been centered on the service of children.  First, I was blessed to be the mother of two girls, and now have two very wonderful grandsons.  My professional life as a teacher was so very fulfilling, working with elementary and middle school children – and yes, I loved teaching those middle school years!  I took an early retirement and extended my service by running a city wide campaign for a seat on the Akron Board of Education, Akron, Ohio.  I was elected to this governing body of 33,000 City of Akron students.  In my six years on the board, I served in various positions, including Community Relations and Legislative Chair, Curriculum and Instructional Policy Chair, Personnel and Staff Relations Chair, Vice President and President.  Following my service on the Board of Education, I worked as Director of Student Achievement for Summit Academy Schools, charter schools serving special needs students.

Coinciding with work on the Board, I served as trustee for the Boys and Girls Club of Summit County, a member of Leadership Akron and served as President of my class, and then became a member of the Leadership Akron Alumni Board.  I am a sustaining member of Junior League and Junior Women’s Civic Club of Akron.  I am currently an active member in the Women’s Committee of The University of Akron. 

My husband, David, has always been supportive of my volunteer work across these different organizations.  When we both fully retired, we became residents of Florida but we maintain a second home in Sharon Township, Ohio.  Living the snow bird life has been delightful.  It was a gift to discover there is a Christ Child Chapter in Sarasota, in which I immediately pursued membership.  I have found the women of Christ Child to be the most caring and giving of their time and talent to aid the needy children in each community.  I am very blessed to be a part of Christ Child Society and look forward to growing my involvement in this wonderful organization this upcoming year.   


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