Jean Phelan - Milwaukee, WI 

Jean Phelan NCCS Vice PresidentI am a wife, mother, grandmother, student, employee and volunteer.  This list is by no means prioritized. It is fluid and changes often. I have been married for 45 years.  I have 3 wonderful children. I am the grandmother of four. As a student I am always learning. As an employee, I am still working part-time at a CPA firm. Volunteering has become my passion.

Student took a great deal of my time as a child and early adult.  The employee took over after student when I taught fourth grade in a Catholic school and then worked as an Inside Sales Service Representative for an Insurance Company. 

I then got married and wife took center stage.  Then motherhood came next.  Being a volunteer started with volunteering at the Parish school our three children attended.  I was Treasurer of the Home & School, Brownie Leader and homeroom mom.  I started a pre-school CCD program at our parish and was a member of the Parish Counsel.  At the same time I went back to school to earn a degree in Consumer Science and Communications. 

Again, I became an employee and held the position of Equity Research Analyst for a mutual fund company.  Working in the financial sector has given me valuable experience for volunteer positions I have held.

I have been a member for 22 years of the Christ Child Society, Milwaukee Chapter. I have held offices on the Chapter Board. I was Treasurer, Financial Director and most recently Co-president.  I have worked in all of our ongoing programs.

The roles I had described are always present and seem to stay in place and coexist very well.   I am looking forward to using my life experience on the National Christ Child Board. 

Jean Phelan

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