Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.    Matthew 5: v4

About half of the Christ Child Chapters have a bereavement program that provides a white gown to parents that have had a baby die. Many of the Chapters include a bib overlay with an embroidered candle, a cap and/or a blanket.  The bereavement sets are prepared in a variety of sizes from the very small for a child lost early in a pregnancy up to a newborn size. The sets are usually given to hospitals, parish Gabriel projects and occasionally funeral homes.  Parents may choose to use the gowns for burial or may choose to keep them.  The items are usually sewn, crocheted or knit by members with love and prayers.

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I received a note from a family who received a gown many years ago which I think says it all:  "Even more precious is the box of keepsakes - the name band, blanket, gown, cap, photographs and other tangible reminders that was our baby, our firstborn, our son.  Those "things" and the way he was even carried with dignity validate our feelings of loss and help our grief."


As a mother who lost her baby son and who has a gown that he wore, I can tell you how much I treasure it.  Many times when you are missing your baby so much, you have that gown to hold when you cannot hold your baby in your arms.

We have included photos and patterns for some of the items. Both Texas Capital Area and El Paso have offered to send patterns (in fabric) to any Chapter that needs them.