It is the job of the Chapter President to empower leaders, current and future, to serve with faith, intellect and confidence.  The President with the Boards help must engage Chapter member’s to fulfill the Chapter’s work.   Delegating is key in easing your workload and developing the skills of others who will move up in Chapter leadership. Developing a strong team through delegating responsibility will be crucial to you as Chapter President. Think of leadership as a continuum, not beginning or ending with your term.

The National Office exists to help Chapter’s be the best they can be and to spread the work of Christ Child. The National Office has assembled an Operating Manual and Guidelines (OMG) to help with the structure and details of running a Chapter. A complete copy of the OMG is available below and individual sections are in each subject area of the web site.

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Mary Virginia Merrick’s Convention Message 1954

Chapter President and President Elect (OMG)

Complete Operating Manual and Guidelines (OMG)

NCCS Articles of Incorporation (Revised and Updated Sep 2013)

NCCS Bylaws Amended Sep 2013

Chapter Policies (OMG)

Chapter Reporting (OMG)

Chapter Histories (OMG)

Conflict of Interest Policy (OMG)

Board Training

Privacy Policy

Operating Forms

NCCS Logos

Examples and Forms

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