Faith can invest the poor and needy with the person of Christ and our charity becomes only the expression of our love and we are not giving, we are receiving an honor when we help the destitute.     Mary Virginia Merrick

Fundraising is a necessity which all chapters have in common.  In reality, raising money is dependent upon:

  • the size of chapter
  • the availability of members willing to volunteer
  • the willingness of the local community to support the efforts

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Some of the larger chapters: Cleveland, Washington, Milwaukee, Western Reserve have a resale store which is an ongoing source of revenue.  In those shops all goods are donated, and the majority of the work is done by Christ Child member volunteers.

 In Detroit, the building which is owned by the Society as a storage and assembly site for layettes also has a rent-paying tenant.

Other sources of funding are cards which can be purchased to honor or remember individuals on holidays or at special times.  This is an ongoing source of revenue for many chapters of all sizes.

Some chapters hold an annual appeal to both the membership and the community, and try to involve the community by inviting them to their fund-raising events or selling them raffle tickets.

Many chapters rely on a Red Wagon luncheon, combined with a Silent Auction or raffle, as their primary fundraiser.  In the Akron chapter, this includes a Christmas Boutique featuring only items made by members.  In Pasadena, the fund-raiser is billed as “Auction and Treasure”, and in Summit and Milwaukee, a “Shower of Love”.

Toledo hosts a “Celebrity Wait Night” and Texas Capital has a “Ladies Only” Evening.  Formal Balls are held annually by Cleveland, Detroit and Washington D.C.

In Pasadena, the event is called “Auction and Treasure”. In Northern Michigan, there is an Annual Summer Party.  Detroit also hosts a “Christmas Walk” of decorated homes which includes a light luncheon.

Smaller chapters are innovative.  El Paso holds a Christmas Coffee which involves the community. San Diego has linked with the Pro-Life group on SDU campus, who then hold a collection at their mass. Quad Cities holds a baby bottle drive. San Jose partnered with a company which makes unique silver jewelry items from handprints, and shares in the profits from sales.

Chapters also raise funds by volunteering when businesses in the community need seasonal help.  Other successful ideas include golf outings, garden walks, selling statuary, tailgate parties, garage sales, and soliciting local businesses for a one day donation of a percentage of their proceeds. 

Some chapters solicit items which can be sold on EBay.

The Cleveland chapter has a member who creates and sells new items from broken jewelry donations.