Christ Child


 Contributing to the mission of Mary Virginia Merrick is a privilege shared by every member of the Christ Child Society.  As we serve the children in our communities we are bound together by the defining feature of this mission: each child is seen as the Christ Child.  The dignity and importance of each child’s life is honored in our mission.  Together we are serving tens of thousands of children each year with this profound motivation. 

 This portion of the web site is designed exclusively for you, Christ Child Society Chapter leadership and members.  These pages provide an opportunity to discover and share ideas, techniques, forms and resources, as well as, troubleshoot issues of your chapters.  One of the overshadowing realizations of our work in communities across the country is that the need of children never ends.  By facilitating this exchange of information and communication for our members, National Christ Child Society has the opportunity to help you serve more children in your communities.

 Please let us hear from you! If we have missed vital information let us know.  Send your newsletters to be posted here.  Keep updating the office on your successes.  These pages will only be successful as a living document that changes and grows as you provide information to NCCS.  Each chapter does important work in their own communities.  By sharing information, the work of each member of Christ Child Society becomes part of the success of the entire organization and the fulfillment our mission.

In the Christ Child,

Marybeth Baucco, President
National Christ Child Society

January 2017 News

Happy New Year!! Every January, we set up a call with chapter leadership to go over the Chapter President’s Report. We will basically be doing the same thing this year with a few important changes! First of all, we have changed the name of the report to Annual Chapter Report.  We did this to emphasize the fact that we need not only input from chapter presidents but also from treasurers, program chairs such as a layette chair or library chair, fundraising chairs, membership chairs -basically, anyone who has the most knowledge about each section of the report. 

We realize that this may take a bit more time to complete as you take time to gather information from others, but it will be well worth it! The information we obtain will be used throughout the coming year to help us plan educational seminars, accomplish our 2017 Strategic Plan initiatives, and address chapter issues. Some of the compiled data will be used in our Annual Report. 

2017 Annual Chapter Report