“It is the personal element that brings true charity to life.”
                                                             Mary Virginia Merrick

Relationships between Christ Child Society volunteers, parents and their children form the heart of the Society’s Challenging Poverty initiative. This is done through tutoring, mentoring and parent support and education programs.                                                                                                          

Responding to the above words of our founder the National Christ Child Society launched this initiative in an effort to significantly expand the scope and impact of services being provided to children and families at-risk by our Christ Child Society Chapters. Leveraging the hard-won trust that our Chapters have earned in their communities across the country, enables our members to provide comfort and information to struggling parents who often lack social support, access to resources and the education needed to assist them in successfully raising their families.

A range of user-friendly parenting educational materials, assistance with social service referrals, as well as the opportunity to build mentoring relationships between our volunteer members and mothers in need, are all important components of our “Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time” initiative.            Meeting the Needs of the Community

The National Board and National Office are currently working with our Chapters providing the spiritual, organizational and practical guidance to help the Chapters implement, evaluate and improve their outreach initiatives for families in need on an ongoing basis. Please join the National Christ Child Society in helping to implement our “Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time” initiative.