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Marianna O'Brien, Chapter President

Kathleen Curtin, Executive Director

5101 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 304
Washington, DC  20016

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The Christ Child Society Chapter of Washington, DC is the founding Chapter of the Christ Child Society and was officially founded in 1887 and was incorporated in 1903.  Mary Virginia Merrick founded the Washington Chapter.  She had actually begun her early work "in the name of the Christ Child" as early as 1884 but did not officially establish her Christ Child Society until 1887.  Over the years that followed, the work of the Society broadned and evolved and many played a role in helping the Society grow and serve children.  Over the decades the Society continued to grow, both in Washington and across the nation.  Mary Virginia Merrick served as the President of the Washington Chapter from its beginning in 1887 until her death in 1955.  She served as The National President of the Society from the very beginning of the National organization in 1916 until 1948, when health issues required her to step down. 



Layette Program
Layette Agency Breakfast
School Counseling Programs
Christ Child Family Support Programs at the Merrick Center
Sophisticated Ladies Summer Camp
Monsignor Quinn's Camp Scholarship
Uniform Assistance Program
Adopt A School Program
Annual Coat Drive
Christ Child Tutoring Program


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