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Jane Larsen, Chapter President

PO Box 352254
Toledo, OH 43635

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The Christ Child Society of Toledo is a volunteer, ecumenical, non-profit organization, united in serving at risk children in need, for the love of the Christ Child. 


The Christ Child Society Chapter of Toledo, Ohio was founded in 1990 and chartered in 1992.  The Chapter began when a former Columbus Chapter member relocated to Toledo; and saw the need for service within our community.   In 1990 a group of friends gathered together to learn the background and the goals of the Christ Child Society.  Upon learning about the history and service opportunities of the Christ Child Society, 20 women were energized and called into action, forming the Toledo Chapter.  In 2003 the Chapter reshaped it’s focus by participating in NCCS's Challenging Poverty: One Child At A Time Program and tripled its dwindling membership.  Twenty-six years later, we are proud of our legacy of service; harnessing the collective spirit and energy of over 200 like-minded Members, and embracing the belief “that nothing is ever too much to do for a child”.   


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