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Johanna Warner, Chapter President

4633 North 54th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018


The Christ Child Society Chapter of Phoenix, Arizona was officially founded in 1985 and was chartered in 1988 and incorporated in 1992.  In 1984 Emily Byrne was contacted by her friend Natalie Brown about starting a Phoenix Chapter of the Christ Child Society.  Kathleen Henes and JoAnn Donnelly had been members of the Detroit Christ Child Chapter and were friends.  JoAnn had also helped organize the Harbor Springs Chapter, where she spent her summers.  National heard of their interest and suggested they contacted Emily.  Emily had a group of friends in Phoenix and they met with Kathleen who had recently moved to the area and JoAnn who was a "snowbird" in Phoenix.  With the helpful advice of these seasoned members and organizers the Phoenix Chapter was formed.



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