Chapter Programs and Services

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Everyday the Christ Child is reflected in the work of the Society’s members.

Chapter members serve in response to the unique needs in their communities.




Society Chapters challenge poverty one child at a time providing services to:

Newborns and their families

bulletProviding infant layettes for new mothers and their babies
bulletOffering support to families who have lost a child at birth with bereavement layettes
bulletPartnering with agencies to teach parenting skills

           What is a "Layette"?                                                 

Pre-school age children

bulletMentoring and emotional support for parents and children
bulletProviding educational tools and tutoring activities for disadvantaged children
bulletPrograms for special needs children

School age children

bulletReading, tutoring and mentoring programs
bulletProviding support and education and counseling to parents and children in crises
bulletSupplying clothing, shoes and school uniforms
bulletPrograms for building leadership and self esteem


bulletOperate a facility for the care and treatment of emotionally disturbed and abused children
bulletPartnering with community agencies for a variety of programs
bulletSponsoring clubs, activities and camps
bulletOperating centers for free and low cost apparel