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Katie Clark, Chapter President

4033 W. Good Hope Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53209

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The Christ Child Society Chapter of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was founded in 1948 and was chartered in 1949.  The Chapter first began when Marjorie Wilmott, while visiting with Detroit, Michigan relatives, learned of the National Christ Child Society and its work with children in need.  She then convinced a small group of women in Milwaukee to band together "to establish, maintain, and operate a society to improve by useful instruction and charitable relief, the condition of poor children in the County of Milwaukee."  Their first meeting was held in November of 1948 and Marjorie served as the new Chapter's first president.



Layette Program
Second Saturday Program
My Stuff Bags
Supportive Aides for Blessed Savior South
Scholarship Programs
Support to: 
Hope Network
Penfield Children's Center
Prevent Blindness of Wisconsin
Ronald McDonald House
St. Coletta Day School for Student's with Disabilities
Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund 

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