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Janie Nickodem, Chapter President

7901 Detroit Avenue, Suite 300
Cleveland, OH  44102

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The Christ Child Society Chapter of Cleveland, Ohio was chartered in 1916 and incorporated in 1958.  In 1916 a friend of Mary Virginia Merrick's and member of the Washington Chapter, Mabel Mattingly, moved from Washington to Cleveland.  She immediately began organizing what was to become the Cleveland Chapter of the Christ Child Society.  In just 3 years this group became so highly regarded for their child welfare work that the new Catholic Civic Center that was being built on the west side of Cleveland was named "Merrick House" in honor of Mary Virginia Merrick.  This center is still in operation today.  The Cleveland Chapter is a large, very active Chapter.



Children's Closet (school uniforms, winter coats, cribs/beds) 
"My Stuff" Bags
Two School Libraries
Two Pre-School Reading Enrichment Programs

Cleveland "My Stuff" Bags

Cleveland My Stuff Bags

Media Coverage 
2015 Starlight Ball

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