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Kaye Rowe, Chapter President

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Akron, OH 44334-8811

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The first Christ Child Society Chapter of Akron, Ohio was established in 1911, the Chapter disbanded in 1917 due to the war efforts and was re-founded in 1957 and chartered in 1958.  The first Christ Child Society Chapter of Akron was founded to assist with programs for the increasing foreign population in Akron.  A Christ Child sewing school was formed.  Here prayers, hymns and bible stories were also taught.  Handmade garments were made for layettes for St. Ann's Infant Home in Cleveland, which cared for many of Akron's babies.  In 1917 the Chapter members suspended their Christ Child work with children due to World War I and the members then volunteered with the Red Cross.  The Akron Chapter did not start up again after the war ended. In 1955, Nancy Flanagan a member of the Milwaukee Chapter, moved to Akron and wanted to share the story of Mary Virginia Merrick and the work of the Christ Child Society with the people of Akron.  Members of the Cleveland Chapter helped Nancy and her friends in the beginning and the Akron Chapter was officially re-founded in 1957.



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