Every chapter faces challenges related to membership engagement and retention.  Issues range from attracting younger members to honoring long-standing members.

Like Door County, many chapters feel the most crucial aspect of keeping membership engaged is strong, challenging programming with hands-on opportunities. The Phoenix Chapter encourages frequent evaluation of programs to insure they remain relevant for membership. In addition, volunteer circumstances must include convenient scheduling for young professionals and mothers. Jobs that can be accomplished at home assist with keeping both young and long-standing members engaged.

Volunteering is an activity members choose to do in their free time and the undertaking should offer a rewarding experience. Many chapters like Door County incorporate social and spiritual opportunities that keep members connected. The Geauga chapter has speakers from social service agencies and programs to provide an enriching experience for their members.

Communicating opportunities to the membership is indispensable to volunteer retention. The Washington D.C. chapter sends mailings to members who have not been active in the current year in an attempt to reactivate them in membership again. They have also instituted a membership packet that is sent to each member after their dues are received which includes a prayer card, calendar, and print publications outlining programs. The Detroit chapter has a new Volunteer Coordinator position on the board that acts as a liaison between the member and all volunteer possibilities. The Texas Capital Area Chapter has one day a week when members are encouraged to drop by and spend time on a constantly changing list of tasks.

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