For all chapters word of mouth is the most consistent tool for recruitment.  In addition to friends and family, every guest of an event or fundraiser is a potential member. Cape May and Akron view every fundraiser as an opportunity to invite guests to explore the possibility of membership and invite them to a meeting. Door County recruits new members from guest at their Shower of Love Mass and Luncheon.  The Summit chapter has an annual “Bring A Friend” meeting were members are encouraged to bring at least one friend who may be interested in membership.

In conjunction with this, in many chapters anyone who may have expressed interest over time is invited to a membership event. Many like Western Reserve, Detroit and Fort Wayne host membership teas or coffees, and Texas Capital Area hosts a dinner, where prospective members can hear a brief sketch of chapter history and service.  Participation of members at these events is encouraged not only to create a welcoming atmosphere but also to relate their own experience with CCS membership.

To encourage a broader base for these events many chapters advertise these membership events in local parish bulletins. The Geauga Chapter has Membership Sundays in area parishes were members share information about Christ Child Society membership. Most Chapters provide perspective members with a variety of printed materials that may include information on the history of the chapter and NCCS and our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, a description of chapter activities, and a membership application. The Phoenix chapter has developed a booklet entitled “The ABC of the Phoenix Chapter” that contains all the important information about the chapter from A-Z.  Many chapters include the DVD presentation on Mary Virginia Merrick and the Society.  Promote follow-up after these events is essential to determine interest.

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