Northern Michigan's Ecumenical 30th Anniversary

Because our Chapter has a membership from diverse denominations, the ecumenical form of worship seems to be the best way to worship together. Our Spiritual Director, Father Joe Graff, who is the parish priest at Holy Childhood Church, in Harbor Springs, Michigan, is most supportive of the ecumenical service and has been very willing to work hand in hand with local ministers of several Protestant churches. 

One of the unique elements of our 30th Anniversary Ecumenical celebration this past June was the gift of a beautiful handmade blessing bowl to our chapter. Members, families and friends were invited to place their prayers, blessings, or special intentions in a sealed envelope and place it in the blessing bowl. In August a special Mass was held to celebrate our anniversary followed by a reception at our Christ Child House. A lovely ritual took place in the garden where all of the envelopes in the blessing bowl containing the prayers and blessing were burned and offered to God. It was truly a sacred moment in the life of our Chapter. 

In putting together the service, it really is a creative process drawing from the liturgies and hymns of the Catholic Church as well as from Protestant Churches.  I am sure the Holy Spirit is at work during the planning as well as during the services.  They do resonate deeply with all who attend. 

A copy of the 30th Anniversary Ecumenical Service (click on link)


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