CONFERENCE 2013 - "Facing Challenges Together"

September 20-21, 2013

DoubleTree Hotel - Bethesda, Maryland

Conference 2013 Infomation and Presentations

The Board and Staff of National Christ Society welcome you to Conference 2013 Facing Challenges Together.   From its inception one of the great privileges and responsibilities of the National organization has been to bring Chapters together to reconnect with our mission and share the successes and obstacles that are encountered in the service of children at risk.  This Conference focuses on our collective knowledge to build strategies that can strengthen our future.  Every Chapter large or small makes a vital contribution to this shared wisdom.  With a partnership built on our profound mission and a collaboration of strong Chapters, we look to a future of compelling impact on the lives of the children we serve

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Friday, September 20, 2013


                        “Grant Writing Advice”  Including Sample Letters and Forms  (Deb Low)           

                        “What Your Chapter Needs to Know About Insurance”  (Donald J. Butcher, CIC, CRM)

                        “Public Relations 101”  Including Sample Forms and Examples  (Anne Kelley and Deb Low)

                        “Membership Forum”  (Cheryl Mackie, Ellen O'Brien, and Maureen Wesley)


                        Purpose Programs People”  A Facilitated Discussion led by Anne Kelley

Saturday, September 21, 2013          

                        Panel discussion:  “The Challenge of Effective Fundraising”  A Facilitated Discussion led by Marybeth Baucco; Panelists were Cecile Bennett (Toledo), Linda Brammer (South Bend), Dianna Clougherty (Pasadena), Kathy Hagerman (Northern Michigan), Terri Parker (Cleveland), Elaine Szot (Detroit), and Cathleen White (Baltimore)                                                                      


“Keys to Recruiting and Developing Future Volunteer Leaders”

William E. Davis III      Bill Davis Consulting LLC 

                        Annual Business Meeting                                                      


                        National Office  (Carolyn Pumphrey)                                                          

                        Educational & Networking Calls  (Maureen Wesley)          

                        Grant Writing  (Deb Low)  See above for complete presentation          

                        Web site  (Joan Watkins)                                                           

                        Membership and Expansion  (Cheryle Mackie)                                                   

                        Program  (Ellen O'Brien)                                                           

                        National Board Nomination Process  (Patty Myler)

                        Canonization  (Roseanne Anderson)

Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation  (Kaye Rowe)

Bylaws  (Kaye Rowe)

Adoption of 2014 Budget  (Joan Watkins)

Convention 2014  (Maureen Wesley)

                        Mass, Reception and Dinner at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

                        Dinner Speaker

                        “The Power of Hope” by Katie Parks, Detroit Chapter


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