Our Personal Service Initiative:

“The motive and spirit of the work shall be a personal love of Christ, expressing itself in personal service for children and youth regardless of sex, race or creed, to honor the Childhood of Christ."                         Mary Virginia Merrick

We do this by providing opportunities for:

 Reading Program 

  Parent Support
  Relationship Building



 For more than 10 decades, Christ Child Society members across the country have served children and families in need based on the needs in their community.  A national program "Challenging Poverty, One Child At A Time" was launched in 2003 to help our chapters look for new ways to maintain Mary Virginia Merrick's original mission to provide hands-on service and to inspire our chapters and members to seek out new volunteer opportunities.  

Chapters and their members create programs designed to best meet the needs of the at-risk children and families in their own communities, often in collaboration with local agencies.  These programs provide new opportunities for education, mentoring, parent support and relationship building as well as help with basic needs such as clothing, food and in some communities, shelter.

Some examples of the many outstanding new programs resulting from the “Challenging Poverty, One Child At A Time" initiative include:

The Toledo Chapter's child enrichment program called "Theatre Vision Interactive."  Here 1st grade students will have read to them the book, "A Very Hungry Caterpillar."  The children then create their own play based on the story; construct a caterpillar of their own, and attend a local production of the play.  This program enhances the many excellent literacy and educational programs already in progress in the chapter.  "Parenting Today's Kids" and "Partners in Learning" are included among the many programs available for volunteers.            Children's Theatre Program

The Texas Capital Area Chapter's programs includes a school readiness program that is suited to a need in their community.  This program offers school readiness programs for the children of parents taking ESL classes; mentoring homeless school children -- building much needed relationships; and providing hygiene packets to over 500 homeless middle and high school children.

The Milwaukee Chapter's "First Saturday Program" where children from the community come on the first Saturday of each month and participate in activities and a reading program while their parents receive parent education classers and other assistance.

There are many other exciting chapter programs being offered across the country including: "Book Buddies" reading programs, parenting skills programs, "Crown Jewels" and Sophisticated Ladies" mentoring & self-esteem programs, the adopting of schools in the community to provide tutoring, mentoring and program assistance, and of course all of our chapters provide a variety of Christmas giving and layette programs in keeping with our early Society history.