Marybeth Baucco - Cleveland, OH

Marybeth Baucco NCCS President 2016-2018

I’m the oldest of four children (two brothers and one sister) and have been married for 37 years to Al Baucco.  I have four children (three sons and one daughter) Tony, 38; Katie, 34; AJ, 30 and Joe, 28.  I have two granddaughters, Gwenyth, age 8 and Stella aged 10 months and one grandson, Jimmy, age two and a half.

I graduated from St. Vincent Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1977 and worked as an RN at St. Vincent in the medical intensive care unit until the birth of my first child.  When he was about one year old, I took a job in the ICU at Hillcrest Hospital where I worked on a part-time basis until the birth of my third child.  Since my fourth child came shortly after the third, I did not get back into the work force for 12 years.

During the years I raised my children, I volunteered at our parish, St. Francis of Assisi, and their schools doing everything from room mother to PTO president.  When I was ready to get back into the work force, my mother was taking care of my grandparents who lived with my parents and asked if I could help her with their care, especially my grandmother who had a stroke.  I assisted my mom in their care for the next six years and it was a very rewarding time for all of us. 

After their deaths, I decided I would not get back into nursing since I had been out for many years.  I decided to help with my father’s business, Apex Pest Control, on a part-time basis, in the office.  Although I loved nursing, I always thought that I would have enjoyed a job in finance or some other business category, and he needed help.  Eventually I replaced his office manager, and after six years was appointed VP of the company.  My brother and I have run a very successful business for the past 20 years, but as of September 2016, I decided to retire so I would have more time to devote to my role as NCCS president and to assist my daughter by babysitting a couple days a week.

I joined the Christ Child Society of Cleveland in 1999 because I always had a strong desire to do volunteer work.  I chaired many of the Red Wagon Luncheon fundraisers, as well as our annual Starlight Ball and have held several positions on the board over the years - Chairman of the Immaculate Conception Library program for two years, Recording Secretary for two years, Organizational VP for two years followed by President for two years.  While I was the Immediate Past President, I decided to accept a position as a Vice President on the National Board and was in charge of Conference 2013 and Convention 2014. 

I continue to be an active volunteer in the Cleveland chapter.  I love to travel with my husband, friends and children.  I love to spend time with my grandchildren and family.  Reading is a favorite past time for me.

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