Program Evaluation

Why do an evaluation?

  • Understand what makes your program successful

  • Demonstrate to your chapter members, potential funders and others that your program or project is worthwhile and benefits the community.

  • An evaluation gives you the information you need to publicize your programs.

  • Identifying your programs' strengths and weaknesses gives you the information you need to improve the program. A better program will mean a better volunteer experience for your members.

A Basic Evaluation:

  • Identify the program's goal.

  • How do you know when it is met?

  • Is the budget sufficient to run the program successfully?

  • What is the overall experience of the clients/participants? Does it meet their needs as you intended?

  • Does it meet the needs of the volunteers in terms of time, location, parking, experience?

  • What are the program's strengths?

  • How can the program be improved?

The Logic Model
is a more sophisticated evaluation tool and will give you a very complete picture of your program and its value over time. It will need to be completed by two or more people who are directly involved with the program. The information you will gain from it is well worth the time you will spend on it. Please see the Challenging Poverty manual for samples of the Logic Model, and more information on its use.

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