Our Organization

National Christ Child Society members, united by a common cause, have been serving children and families since our founding in 1887.  Inspired by Mary Virginia Merrick’s motto, “Find a need and fill it,” our members serve as volunteers in their communities through local Chapters working with a National Board of Directors.  The National Board and the National office, advise and support the individual chapters by offering annual conventions and conferences, speakers, workshops and leadership training, as well as newsletters and operating guidelines to help the Chapters build their membership and best meet the needs of their community.

The National Board members are elected from within the membership and make a two year commitment to represent and support the Christ Child Society.  Local Christ Child Chapters are chartered by the National Christ Child Society and agree to conform to the mission, spirit and purpose of the National Christ Child Society and its bylaws.  All National Christ Child Chapters operate with the approval of the bishop of the diocese in which they are located or chartered.

Members from within the Christ Child Society Chapters, from all over the country, come together to meet at a yearly Convention or Conference, organized by the National organization, to share programs and ideas, transact national business, and elect officers.