Mary Virginia Merrick

A last message from our Foundress

               It is a pleasure for me to offer you my congratulations on the good work accomplished in the name of the Christ Child. Limits of time and place can never keep us apart, for we of The Christ Child are united in a common cause- to find and fill the needs of underprivileged children.

               I am happy to note that this cause has been maintained through the zeal and interest of the members, for personal contact and personal service awake true charity. The activities of the national organization carried on through its members, testify the force of this principle demonstrated in our work.

               That nothing is too small to engage the attention of a Christ Child worker, nor too large to claim our service, finds its justification in Bethlehem “where the great things were so little and the little were so great” for in the gospel narrative we hear the breath of the kine warming infant limbs of Christ the King, while the angels in glorious song proclaim His Divine Sonship.

               Our purpose remains the same through these many years- to fill the needs of children, which explains the varying activities to help the “whole child” to spiritual, moral, and physical development. To accomplish this volunteer service is emphasized, while we value the need of trained workers to direct and coordinate our efforts.

               We are the shepards of the lambs of the flock. Can we not hear them bleating in the dark corners of the street, huddled together, where there is “neither light nor water!” It is for us to lead them to the light. Of these Christ said, “They see the face of My Father Who is in Heaven.”

               Today, many would obscure this vision through materialism which is rampant in our day. What was inspired through love must be continued through this same power, for it is love that moves the earth and the stars in their orbits, and this same love will guide us and give us strength to equal our desire for the work that lies before us- to make Christ a living reality to the children of our country.

               An organization based on such solid principles, enlivened by spiritual motives and filling a real need, cannot fail to develop and grow under the Providence of God.

Sincerely yours,

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