A Christ Child Society member, in good standing, who moves to a new location, is encouraged to join the Christ Child chapter in that area.  Chapters are required to admit a transfer member to their chapter if that member is a member in good standing of a chartered NCCS Chapter.  Transfer of member dues between Chapters is not encouraged and the transferring member may be asked to pay dues for the current year to the new chapter.  NCCS dues for the transferred member are paid by the Chapter to which the member belonged on January 1 of the payment year.

Membership transfer differences between Chapters that are based on the payment of dues are to be resolved between the current chapter and the new Chapter.  Lifetime memberships within Chapters are not regulated or encouraged by the National organization.

Should circumstances exist in a new location that supports the formation of a new Chapter the National Office should be contacted for information and assistance.  (1-800-814-2149)

Dual Memberships

NCCS members may maintain dual Chapter membership status.  Choosing to support and be actively involved in two or more NCCS Chapters is an option used by many NCCS members and approved by NCCS.

Designation by the member of their primary Chapter is necessary for Chapter Support billing.  Members should be reminded to designate their primary Chapter on the Annual giving Appeal reply.  Each Chapter pays National dues for all members on the Chapters roster regardless of the number of Chapters a member is affiliated with. 

Non-Aligned Membership

An individual enrolled in a NCCS Chapter who has moved from the operating area of any NCCS Chapter and / or has been referred to NCCS by a Chapter shall be eligible for this classification.  A Non-Aligned member may attend Convention, Conference and Annual Business Meetings of NCCS; shall be mailed the NCCS newsletter; shall pay annual dues to NCCS, but shall have no other obligations or rights.  It is the responsibility of the Non-Aligned Member to apprise NCCS of any changes of address.  NCCS will bill Non-Aligned members for annual dues.

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