At Conference 2011 we were privileged to have Susan Ellis present Is It Still Your Grandmother’s Volunteering.  The entire presentation is attached-

1. How Healthy Are Your Vital Signs?

2. Some Provocative Questions about All-Volunteer Membership Associations

3. Trends/Issues in Volunteerism 2011

4. Vocabulary – What’s in a Name?

5. Why People Volunteer

6. Leading Volunteers – NonProfit Times article

7. Steps to Growing Your Membership

8. Diagnosing Image Issues

9. Online Volunteer Recruitment

10.  The Volunteer Life Cycle

11.  Member Interaction Assessment Grid

12.  Dealing with Resistance to Change

13.  Cultivating Leadership Volunteers

14.  12 Tips for Powerful Volunteer Leadership


Click here for full presentation     Is It Still Your Grandmother's Volunteering?
By Susan J. Ellis

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