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Most layettes are packaged in a white bag either preprinted with the Christ Child Society logo or with a Christ Child Society logo large sticker attached.  There are a few chapters who do it a little differently-

USD Packing Group 

                       University of San Diego Packing Group

Texas Capital Area
makes diaper bags and packs the layettes in the diaper bags.

Geauga County stacks all the items in a quilt, folds and pins it closed.  The quilt is put into a plain white plastic bag with a large Christ Child logo on it.  It is tied with a pink or blue ribbon designating boy or girl.  If they are Amish (neutral color items), it is tied with a white ribbon.

Northern Michigan packages their layettes in a purchased diaper bag.

Naples places all items in a small plastic bag and then wraps the bag with a blanket and puts the bundle in a large white bag with a Christ Child Society sticker.

Cleveland wraps everything in a hand sewn quilt and closes it with a large diaper pin.

Quad Cities’ mini-layettes are packaged in plastic bags that are folded over and taped shut.  They have also used shrink wrap, but found the plastic bags took less space for storage. Their hospital layettes are packaged in reusable cloth shopping bags.  Most of the items in hospital layettes are in original packaging (sleepers, undershirts, diapers, wipes). Layettes for baby showers are packaged in large, colorful gift bags purchased from the Dollar Store.



MaxPack- for the layette white bags with the CCS logo



Sticker Giant: stickers for layette Bags, red wagon stickers

USD Group Packing Layettes

             University of San Diego Group Packing Layettes

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