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Poem & Frame by Cape May

Poem in a Frame - Cape May

Framed Copy of A Baby’s Goodbye Poem

Cape May County includes in their bereavement set, a copy of the poem, "A Baby’s Goodbye," which is inserted in a handmade, needlepointed frame, using blue, pink, or white yarn.  The needlepoint is done with thick yarn on blue, pink or white plastic, 7 count open-weave canvas found in many stores that sell crafts.  There are two pieces to the frame, and we leave the top open so the poem is easily inserted.  The back piece of the frame is 5 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches.  The top piece is cut to the same size, but then the center is cut out to make a frame of 5/8 " all around.  Then the two are stitched together with the yarn, leaving the top open to insert the poem. 


A Baby’s Goodbye

Mommy, please don’t cry for me, I’m in a better place.

Mommy, please be glad for me, for I have looked upon His face.

I can see things through eyes that didn’t see before,

And walk on legs that couldn’t stand before.

He made me what I am now, a perfect little child.

Thank you for loving me, I always knew you did,

By the gentle way you touched me and the kind, sweet words you said.

Someday we will be together, but until that day has come……

Mommy, don’t cry for me, my life has just begun.

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