Joining the Chamber of Commerce by Cape May Chapter

As a result of our Advisory Council meeting a suggestion was made by our local bank vice president that our chapter should join the local Chamber of Commerce. He felt the exposure to local businesses and organizations as well as educating the public about who we are what we do and how we do it would benefit us in many ways. This membership has resulted in financial and material donations and a networking opportunity that continues to grow as new members join the Chamber. In this difficult economy businesses are looking for local charities that are well established in the community to donate to.  Business people talk to other businesses and verification of our long standing presence in the community gives confidence when a donation is considered.  Many of the business owners are involved with other organizations who confirm our mission and action in the community.  Our mayor attends many of the Chamber meetings and is a former teacher in two local schools and is aware on a first hand basis of the coats, sweat pants, underwear and socks that we donate. The mayor has offered any and all assistance for whatever need we may have.

In April each year the “Business Expo”is held at the Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ.  Businesses from Cape May County as well as other counties are given an opportunity to network and display their products.  Newspapers as well as television networks cover this large event.

In early December our Chamber sponsors “Hospitality Night” we are provided a table in the local firehouse and we provide brochures and information.  As a result many people contact us with monetary donations and gently used packN’plays, strollers and other items.  Over 3,000 people attend this event each year.

At the December meeting donations of diapers, wipes, toys and baby items are collected for us.  This year I suggested if someone on your list has everything please consider enrolling them in our Tribute and Memorial Program. A card of thanks is sent to the donor and a card informing the recipient of the gift is sent. This is tax deductible and serves two purposes.

The Chamber is very supportive of the non-profit members and sends frequent reminders to members of our upcoming events or specific needs. We are given an opportunity each month to speak about what events are being planned and provide an update on number of Layettes, coats, etc; that have been distributed since we last met. At every meeting business cards are collected and last month five business were given 15 minutes “Air” time on a local radio station. At each meeting a 50/50 is held and many times the winner donates their portion to us.

Each year an updated Business Directory is published and mailed to 5 thousand homes and business through out the county.  These directories are also placed in libraries, Chamber of Commerce offices, businesses and offices, the exposure is amazing. One of the most important benefits of belonging to the Chamber of Commerce has been the increased exposure in the community and our new relationships with business owners.

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