National Christ Child Society began holding a biennial conference in 2005 as an educational and networking opportunity for Chapter leadership, replacing regional meetings.  To date the conference has been held in the fall in the Washington D.C. area in alternate years with the convention.  Although shorter in duration at a day and a half, conference provides an opportunity to exchange information and conduct business.  All chapters are asked to send two voting delegates to participate in the Annual Business Meeting, but every member of Christ Child Society is invited to participate in the conference.  

Educational opportunities have varied over time from program evaluation, to fundraising, to membership.  In 2013 mini seminars will be offered on a variety of issues.  Chapter leadership was polled through the President’s Report and Leadership Calls on topics of interest and seminars are in development to deal with these challenges.

The networking opportunities are invaluable as attendees share ideas and strategies for issues facing every Chapter.  In addition to the exchange of valuable information and solutions to common concerns, many friendships are formed.  

The Annual Business Meeting allows Chapter leadership to approve the NCCS Budget and gather information of the ongoing work of NCCS through Board reports.

Over the past eight years conference has provided a format for Chapter development and growth.

Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."  Invest in your members - NCCS Strongly encourages all Chapters to pay for two members to attend the annual Conference/Convention and Business Meeting.  Investing in your members will yield a high return enabling you to serve children more effectively.  Co-Presidents Kathryn Colao and Lori White from Summit, a New Jersey Chapter chartered in 2010 attended their first meeting in September, 2012 in Detroit.  Kathryn said, "The experience is inspirational...seeing what goes on nationwide helps you to realize that you are part of a bigger picture of service than just in your own backyard.  You come home so much more invested in what can be accomplished."

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