Many of our members attend First Friday Mass at the 8:30am Mass at the parish of our spiritual director. Breakfast at Panera follows for friends to visit.

Once a year we gather for a Day of Work to further our outreach into the community and put into action the sentiment of the Christ Child medallion, which is “Laborare est Orare”…”To Work is To Pray.”  In May each year we also hold a May Crowning along with a special recitation of the rosary and occasionally a Marian speaker or special presentation.

Geauga County
We pray the Stations of the Cross during Lent at our February or March meeting.

Our Spiritual advisor, Fr. Ralph Wiatrowski, writes a spiritual article for our newsletter each month and also comes to our board meetings and gives a spiritual reflection.

In 2012 we will be offering a Lenten Bible Study for the first time. It is still under development, but we plan on having groups of 10 or so with a facilitator. CCS will provide the study, but small groups will meet in member’s homes.

Cape May
We have a Liturgy Committee that meets regularly with the Spiritual Coordinator. All activities are planned with the committee.

Opening Year Prayer in September is in a parish chapel.

Closing Year Prayer and Luncheon in June is in a meeting hall. This is usually a special celebration of prayer with members offering reflections and the application of the life of MVM.

Short Prayer Service is held at the beginning of our monthly meetings: Christ Child Prayer, reading from the life of MVM, presentation of members and friends to be prayed for, listing of the new members of our Tribute and Memorial Program, prayer for the canonization of MVM, and a concluding hymn.

At our monthly meetings we have small group sharings on questions prepared by the Liturgy Committee. Members of the Liturgy Committee lead the small groups. 2010-11 was dedicated to the life and spirituality of MVM.

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