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1.  What a sad day!  My God You have willed it to teach me to say: thy will be done.


2.  I come if You call! O my God, I am ready to do your will. Forgive me, Lord, if I say that I find the cross You have given me very heavy, help me.


3.  What a beautiful Feast! Come down upon me, O Holy Spirit, and fill me with the love of God. Teach those I love to love God. (Pentacost)


4.  The month of the Sacred Heart is here! My God, fill me with your love. I want to be entirely yours. What can I do for You?


5.  Corpus Christi, a Feast of Love. It was given me to see what happiness faith in it gives. O my God, I love it more than my life.


6.  How I long to be of use, to do something for God.


7.  The holy day of Easter. The passing of our Lord. Lord, permit me to pass, as you did to my Father in Heaven. Make this passing continuous, that I may live not in this world but always for Jesus; and when I will have come to do your will, may the happy day come when you will call me, saying “Mary”, and I will answer “Rabboni”.


8.  Let not a day pass without having learned something, without having overcome yourself in something, without having performed a kind act, without having accomplished something.


9.  Do not consider that in order to be great either in the eyes of men or God, it is necessary to do great deeds. It is an error; to do well the little duties of every day life, to perform well the duties of your station is to be great.


10.  My God I desire only to be a tool in your hands; use me to do your work; and if, thus using me, You hurt me, let me say Thy will be done so long as I do your work.


11.  Our dear Lord suffered that He might thereby leave me an example of patience. I make His example naught by impatience.


12.  I must not rush through my daily duties worrying that I cannot get all that I wish done. I must do but one thing at a time and by that one duty do my best not worrying over what will become of the others…


13.  One at a time; and if all do not get done, accept it quietly saying: “I meant to do it, and it was Thy will that my desire not be accomplished.”


14.  And if by accident, I cannot accomplish the work that I set for myself on that particular day, I should not let that disturb me as that only comes from pride.


15.  I must lose myself to find Jesus.


16.  My God You have given me so much, how can I say I refuse You anything?


17.  Thank you, My Lord, for this new cross You have given me, something to offer You; do not refuse my poor gift.


18.  Lord, I give myself entirely to You – I fear that in the past I may have held something back, but all is so little to give to God; what right have I to reserve the least thing?


19.  Lord, I thank you for this trial.


20.  If I truly loved the Lord, I would not find this so great a trial.


21.  I must not only live for God, I must live in Him and with Him.


22.  All self love must be destroyed because love of God cannot exist with self love.


23.  To exercise a virtue, if I wish to acquire it, the way must be in our Lord. Therefore the presence of God is essential to me.


24.  Lord I have sought you, and at last I have found You. Thanks for the state of Your Grace which has guided me.


25.  I have found Him whom my heart loveth, and I will never leave Him.”


26.  Draw me to You, my Lord because I love you.


27.  With the Kings I adore you and offer You all that I have – almost nothing, only myself without reserve. I give myself; I do not wish to live an hour, a minute of this year except for You, and You alone.


28.  Lord, forgive if I have shirked my duty and allow this plan not to work, if so is the case. In any event, Thy will, not mine. For Thee, and Thee only let my every breath be.


29.  Thanks for the graces and thanks for the sufferings so keen, yet for which I can now thank You.


30.  What shall I do with this great longing for sympathy which possesses me? Shall I allow it to embitter me? Shall I still the longing for it and conquer it and thus dull it without curing it? No, one sacrifice the more for You O Lord.


31.  I will give it up to Him, glad that I long for it and want it, that I may truly have somewhat more to give up to Him. Then turn and give sympathy generously to all around me that they may not have to bear that which I bear.


32.  For it is scarce, this jewel. O so scarce in this poor world of ours that I imagine many hunger for it who are never fed. I will seek it no more. Those who gave it God has taken.


33.  “An iron put into the fire loses the rust and becomes all glowing”; so, God grant that I may become, after this trial, all glowing with His Love, able to do great things for Him.


34.  What if the world gives you no sympathy? Give it to others.


35.  I accept everything and beg You to permit me to live for You alone. I must live for Him and with Him.


36.  Your presence Lord is all I ask. What can I do without you – nothing. Remain with me, I beg of you. Increase my love for You.


37.  I find I am often led away from God by the 1,000 preoccupations and interests of my family, by the grief which I have allowed to absorb my heart and mind. When this happens, I should rest a while, think and pray, and God will surely come to my assistance.


38.  Render to God the things that are God’s. You belong to Him; and, when you draw away from Him, you sin. You commit a larceny when you don’t pay Him the honor due Him.


39.  Let no day pass without an act of humility.


40.  Never omit meditation and always with a book in hand, for how can I fight the good fight unarmed? Let nothing prevent my daily meditation and prayers.


41.  With those I live with, cultivate more gentleness, more patience, less pride, either of opinion or judgment of others. Take occasion to say:   ‘I don’t know, you may be right, etc.” Give good example. O God come to my aid. O Lord make haste to help me  Amen.


42.  Practice great purity of intention. Do all things for God and in His sight. Do even the smallest things for Him. He does not despise a cup of water given in His name.


43.  Rule your thoughts. Never dwell on self or self-love.


44.  Self denial. The unitive way is through self mortification.


45.  Patience. Each duty in its time; do not run one into another, all will be accomplished in time.


46.  Try to accept people as they are. Do not feel it incumbent upon you to correct or admonish. Praise all you can. Call attention very quietly when you can; otherwise let all pass.


47.  Keep yourself from all sin, whether it be venial or not. Do not count too lightly little things. Nothing is little in His eyes.


48.  Let Christ live in you and act in you in small deeds as well as great. If you do well, it is He; to Him be praise forever.


49.  Be watchful. On awakening say: “Ecce venio – in union with the Master. The Master is here and calleth for thee.


50.  Let yours be a life of mortification. The thousand things that naturally fall to your lot to suffer, do not think of mitigating. They are all means to an end and that end is union with Him, and the unitive is always the via crucis.


51.  If anyone would be his Master, he will put self out of all things. Let self die.


52.  Make your daily meditation on a passage from the New Testament every morning. Let nothing prevent this fifteen-or thirty minute exercise. Guard your door as you would a fortress.


53.  You must not go unaware into life’s daily battle. Pray with attention-all duties can wait. If you cannot meditate, you can ask and love.

54.  Give yourself to Him-beg His grace as a beggar asks for bread.


55.  You have many duties. God has laid out before you duties enough to fill your life; be patient, “govern with a hand hidden in the heart.”


56.  Be firm and just. Love much and show it.


57.  Don’t appear to know and don’t discuss to prove your point unless it is a matter of morals. Your being right is of no importance at all.


58.  Be strong, never yield from partisanship, but in trivial matters, especially where they concern yourself, be very yielding to counteract the effect you must often give of pride in your opinion.


59.  Do not speak of yourself and never of each other.


60.  Do not look for appreciation; do all for God.


61.  Prepare with care for your communions. In confession be simple and pray to St. Philip to give you courage. Seek no human consolation in this sacrament-God only.


62.  When you are in a state of discouragement and sorrow, remember the agony in the Garden, “being in an agony he prayed the longer.”


63.  Life is difficult, but trust God. Become attached to nothing. Often give away little things you have grown used to.


64.  When your helplessness appalls you, think of the Maker of the Universe in swaddling clothes.


65.  Never let a day pass without learning something, and review it in your own mind the next day when sewing.


66.  Live in the present. Dwell in a continual sense of the presence of God. Cultivate this. Often speak of Him of your love and desire to be His only.


67.  Let every beautiful sight and sound uplift you nearer to Him in gratitude.


68.  Once the chalice is consecrated it belongs only for sacrifice; to use it for another purpose is a profanation. “He is the great consecrated One, hence the great separated One.”


69.  I am His property; He has bought me at a great cost. He has cast me down  ethat I may be more His own. O Joy!

70.  Inspire my words, for without Thee I can do nothing. Dost Thou give a work to be done without tools? Lord, Thou hast given me the task, also the tools: that all may love You and serve You and that I may be entirely Yours.


71.  The desires of my heart are before You; Lord permit me to realize them.


72.  Come, Oh Jesus, be born in me, grow in me, fill my heart entirely.


73.  Life is full of bitterness, but keep your heart light and your mind cheerful. Fight the good fight to the end.


74.  Pick up the meshes and make a noble life and a perfect one in His eyes at least, He who looks not at the imperfection of the instrument but at the result. By His grace He can do all things.


75.  All disappointments come as a lesson to trust God alone, to look to Him alone for help and guidance. Never to worry, always to trust.


76.  I am in the hand of God, and hence I have never cause for worry or alarm.


77.  One need not carry the crosses of the future.


78.  The coming year, Oh my God, I give to thee. I welcome all it holds and I am glad, O glad to think that Thou holdest the future in Thy hand. I cast all my care on Thee.


79.  I realize the uselessness of worrying over a future which may never be mine-at least I feel I have grown, by God’s grace, more willing to cast my cares on Him, to trust Him, and to trust the secrets of the future to Him.


80.  I had to relearn the lesson I thought that I knew by heart: that in His will accepted is our peace.


81.  All His ways are ways of love.


82.  I resolved to do something every day for the Christ Child…I was confident that it was His work and He would supply my deficiency.


83.  The spirit of the Christ Child society must partake of the Divine Child Himself, the Incarnate God, whom we wish to make better known and loved.


84.  Nothing is ever too much to do for a child.


85.  Do all things for God and do not look for appreciation.


86.  Love in the heart of a child for Christ…was the inspiration which gave birth to the Christ Child Society.


87.  The personal element brings true charity into life. The giver and the gift are brought together and the link is the Christ Child.


88.  I believe that perfection lies in loving, loving without stint, without measure and taking the consequences when God asks us to relinquish.


89.  Loving without holding fast but not loving less – is that not possible?


90.  That is what I set before me – I don’t try to master my heart’s loves – but I do try to be ready to give up as God calls, as He takes.


91.  Now I am going through this stripping. In my impatience I would find it easier to spend a few hours in the garden and then go my way down the lane forever – but I know this will not be the way – nor must I hasten the trial – till He speaks the word.


92.  It will be a living here and looking around and loving every stone and favoring the dust thereof and lifting of it up to God relinquishing it, so that when the parting comes it will have been done over and over.


93.  It is the personal element that brings true charity into life.


94.  This personal contact with the poor was of inestimable value in the development of the Christ Child Society. A spirit of personal service for love of the person of Christ had given it birth now fostered its growth and development.


95.  I hope the Christ Child Society can endow the children with something that is more than gold, a love of “our brother the Sun, of our sister, the Water.”


96.  Faith can invest the poor and needy with the person of Christ and our charity becomes only the expression of our love and we are not giving, we are receiving an honor when we help the destitute.


97.  Suffering is never without compensation; and since I could not go to the Lord, He cometh to me.


98.  I do not think, however that suffering always draws us closer to God. The first impulse of nature drives us from God, while joy, a good pure joy that brings tears to our eyes, raises the heart to God.


99.  But no doubt sorrow sanctifies; and in suffering one learns to suffer, and to Whom we should turn.


100.  I shall be more careful to render to God the homage that is His due.


101.  Keep me only from sin, I shall fear neither death nor hell and now His will is sweeter to me than all things else and He is all to me.


102.  Praise God every day by a cheerful joyful acceptance of His cross.


103.  Let every beautiful sight and sound uplift you nearer to Him in gratitude.


104.  All self love must be destroyed because love of God cannot exist without self love.


105.   All these disappointments came as a lesson to trust God alone, to look to Him alone for help and guidance.


106.  Give me thy grace, my Master, to make possible that which is impossible without Thy aid.


107.  I am glad to live in such a beautiful world and glad, beyond expression, to love and know my God. Only as the sounds of earth grow weaker, can we hear the voice of God and in solitude I have heard it and I have been glad. I thank God who allws me to feel these happy thoughts.


108.  The spirit of the Christ Child Society is one of personal love for the Christ Child expressing itself in the personal service for the least of “His little ones.”


109.  It is love that moves the earth and stars in their orbits, and this same love will guide us and give us strength to equal our desire for the work that lies before us: to make Christ a living reality to the children of our country.


110.  In connection with her first realization of relationship with God: “I was not adoring beauty, nor order, nor the wheat, nor the sun but really and truly Him who made all things, the God of earth and sky.


111.  Our Lord only asks the will and is ready to accept lovingly the smallest service. What could be more trivial than a cup of cold water, for which he promises an eternal reward.


112.  Why should not even a passing glimpse of holiness of purpose bear its fruit, since the Prince of Darkness so oft by trivial things darkens the path of youth. Cannot the good have at least one equal power?


113.  I am convinced from my experience of the value of learning to know Our Lord personally; that such familiar knowledge is to the young of unspeakable value, and I have tried to make Him a reality and a personality to children all my life.


114.  When I read ‘She wrapped him in swaddling clothes,’ I longed to do the same, and He Himself taught me that I might still do so in the person of His poor, and a great desire was born within me to go out and find the poor that I might find Him.”


115.  Charles Dickens brought the poor to my door. I loved them for their need and I am sure I am not saying too much when I say that Christ the Babe in swaddling clothes idealized them to me.


116.  If the heart and will are turned to God, nothing is wasted in God’s time- not a ray of sun, nor a shadow, nor a drop of dew, but help the growth of God’s creation.


117.  Is not all love divine? It might become debased ‘detained by things beneath,’ but it escaped from heaven when the world was made and is shaped with its regal birth.


118.  Did not our Lord liken the love of the Father in Heaven to that of our earthly father, our earthly mother? To realize this love is to put pride and vain glory to flight, for who is worthy of the boundless love that made the Incarnation possible and proved the All Powerful to be the All Loving too?


119.  When God’s will becomes our will we can laugh at all disaster, and when He is near us ‘there is no death, what seems so is transition' both for ourselves and for those we love.


120.  But if each recurring spring is a miracle to which every man pays homage, even if unaware, so is every rebirth of a soul a miracle one cannot explain.


121.  It is there, and we wonder, and in every stir of wonder there is adoration before the inscrutable mysteries of God. I only knew I was happy in His presence; it took from me all forms of fear.


122.  So real and deep did this conviction of His presence become that it troubled me as taking the place of the Sacrament of His love. Love was the reason, love the answer.


123.  Then I understood and now I know that such a realization of His presence is a grace, and that fact of His presence is an extension of His Eucharistic gift, a continuance of the Eucharistic supper, the very purpose of which He told us in the hymn He said at the first Mass, ‘I am the Vine, ye the branches.’ So every Christian a branch and near Him, but some do not know because the walls of the flesh enclose them.


124.  I was learning to live. I was coming into life. So my soul imperceptibly, by slow degrees, came out of the dark, and how and when I know not, but I was no longer alone. He was near me. The Sacrament of His presence was  more real to me than the things I touched or saw.


125.  In his will accepted is our peace. His ways are ways of love. I continued to offer myself in His service, but no longer as of old with brave design of doing much for Him, but as one with little to offer, yet desiring to do much.


126.  I delighted in seeing the hand of God revealed behind His works, revealing to me the All loving and All Powerful encompassing and sustaining me, a tiny work of His hands.


127.  I know how multiplied beyond counting is the joy we find in nature when we see it as God’s handiwork, and to discern His love in His creation.


128.  This service was a joy to me, for I would see the Christ Child in the least of them, and their pleasure was His thanks- I wanted none other.


129.               I look back through the vista of years and my heart is full of gratitude for those good gifts of friendship, children, His creation that makes this world a place of beauty and of love in spite of the crosses that must mark the way of our earthly pilgrimage.


130.  Personal contact with the needy for love of Christ develops true charity and gives it a vital force.


131.  Many times, since we last gathered around the altar we have sinned…and have excused ourselves…but now with the eyes of so many Angels on us, Angels who saw us then and see us now, each of us must acknowledge it was my fault, my very own fault.


132.  But we can’t stay bent down to the earth thinking of our sins. Now that they are acknowledged, just as a child received a kiss from his mother to show that he is forgiven, so the priest promises us God’s forgiveness.


133.  The Mass we hear today is the same Mass those early Christians heard underground, at the risk of their lives, but they counted the danger lightly for the blessed privilege of assisting at the Holy Sacrifice.


134.  The martyr whose relic is encased in the altar before us must be very near and must rejoice with exceeding joy that his body still serves as God’s altar.


135.  You could not for a moment forget that the altar is a sepulcher, the tomb of one of God’s friends, the only fitting spot on earth worthy to be the footstool of Almighty God when he steps from high heaven to our earth beneath.


136.  The priest has the same good news to tell us that the Angels told the shepherds that night, therefore, he, too, is joyful and glad and with him the Angels take up a glad refrain and sing in exultation round the altar ‘Glory to God in the highest.’


137.  From the bottom of our hearts we, too, should thank God, for in these epistles the good God,  as it were, sends us a letter from heaven for our instruction and consolation.


138.  Therefore, beware of those birds of passage against whom Our Lord warned the children of His day; those idle thoughts that snatch from your minds the words of the Priest when he speaks to you the word of God.


139.  In the present day it is not likely that we will be called upon to give our life for our Faith, but will often be called upon to show great courage in defending the Faith we received in baptism.


140.  Let us each from our heart offer the bread to God and with it our will, our memory, our understanding, our bodies, our souls, and above all our hearts which He has come from Heaven to seek.


141.  Our Lord was eager that we should all receive this same Gift, just as if we, too, had been present at the Last Supper.


142.  Let us give Our Lord, this same King, the same glad welcome as we fall on our knees, for He is going to come upon our altar to renew His sacrifice on the Cross for us.


143.  Our Lord greatly longs to be the guest of each of us who is present at Mass; He longs to come to us to make sick souls well, and weak sould strong, and give courage to those who would falter and grow faint on the way to Heaven without His aid.


144.  Jesus loves each one of us, and God’s love can do all things, so at Mass His love makes it possible for the children of the whole world to crowd around His Cross.


145.  Who can count the marvels of the universe? No fairy can wave a wand as wonder-making as did the Spring.


146.  Since Our Lord has promised His blessings on small beginnings I believe the organization is destined to further and greater development, watered by His grace and cultivated by all of us who will to follow in His footsteps.


147.  Dear Jesus, though my eyes cannot see You holding out your arms to me as You did to the little children long ago, I believe You are truly here on earth in the Tabernacle as You were when You said: “Let the little children come to me,” and that You love me as dearly as You loved those children long ago.


148.  I believe that the priest at Mass, by the power You gave him, changes the bread I see into Your Body which I cannot see, and that one little white Host is for me.


149.  Dear Jesus, how good You are to hide yourself under the appearance of bread and make yourself so little that You may come to me.


150.  Dear Jesus, You who are coming into my soul this day, were nailed on the Cross in punishment for my sins.


151.  Oh, how I wish I had never done wrong, never stained my soul, which You made to be your tabernacle on earth.


152.  Dear Jesus, I love you for Your great goodness to me. I see your image above the altar nailed to the Cross, I know that not even a little child could enter Heaven if You had not died this cruel death.


153.  For Your great love for me, I love You dear Jesus. Your dear Hands that blessed little children were hurt with cruel nails.


154.  I love You, dear Jesus,  because You loved me so; Your blessed Feet were wounded on the Cross for love of me.


155.  I love You, dear Jesus, Who opened Heaven for me.


156.  I am sorry as I can be for my sins, because they have displeased You. Forgive me dear Jesus, forgive me.


157.  Wash my soul and make it as white as snow, and I promise with your help to keep it clean forever more for love of You.


158.  I am only a weak little child; without your help, I shall fall again; hold me by the hand.


159.  Dear Jesus, You have forgiven me my sins, because I am truly sorry for them, and have confessed them. I have a great hope that when You come to me today, You will help me to be good.


160.  Dear Jesus, You are the Son of God. By your power You made the sun and moon and stars and all things both great and small. You are so great and good and you are coming into my heart today.


161.  I am so small and weak I am half afraid of You, great God, but You are calling me as You did the children long ago.


162.  I cast away all fear and run to You because I love You, dear Jesus.


163.  I am only a little child, but I know that if I try to do my best, You will come today and make me Your own.


164.  Dear Mother of Jesus take me by the hand and lead me to your Son. Tell Him I love Him and ask Him to bless me this day.


165.  Dear Angel Guardian, and all good angels, stay near me now, adore Jesus with me, that He may not feel too far from Heaven when He comes into my soul.


166.  Dear Jesus, I am not worthy that You should come to me, but come quickly, dear Lord Jesus, for You alone can make me feel better.


167.  Welcome, welcome, dear Jesus, I open wide my heart to You, come rest within my heart, for I love You, Jesus dear,


168.  Good God, what return shall I make to You for all You have done for me! I offer you every flower that grows, every bird that sings, every star that shines; all that You have created in the heavens above, and on the earth beneath.


169.  Within my heart, oh, deign to lie, Great King of earth and sea and sky. With all your angels, I will try right well to praise You, Lord Most High.


170.  Best gift of all, I offer You your Son now resting within me, and with Him, I, a little child, offer myself to You, for You made me to know You, and to love You, and to serve You, good God

171.  Holy Ghost, Spirit  of light, Spirit of love, give light to my mind that I may know God better, give love to my heart that I may love Him more.


172.  Dear Jesus, I lay my head upon your breast and I whisper that I love You with all my heart.


173.  Dear Jesus, You have come to me this day to help me be like You.


174.  Jesus, I am willing, make me good, make me gentle, meek and obedient, as You were when You were a child like me.


175.  Let me never go away from You by sin. I love Your law and I will obey it with all my heart.


176.  Take my hands and let them work for you; take my mind, my memory, my will and make me use them all to do Your will on earth, that I may one day see Your face in Heaven.


177.  Mother of Jesus, be my mother, Help me to be good.

178.  My dear Angel Guardian, watch over me now and forever, that I may not fall into sin and go away from God.


179.  I pray, too, for sinners; forgive them their sins now, as You did on the Cross, and grant them your help.


180.  Have pity on the poor souls in Purgatory and take them soon to Heaven.


181.  Dear Jesus, I am happy today because You have called me, a little child, to You, and have done great things in my soul. I ask the Angels in Heaven to thank You with me.


182.  Dear Jesus, today You have given yourself to me. You will refuse me nothing that I ask. I pray You bless our Holy Father the Pope, that he may lead men to know You; bless my father, my mother, my sisters, my brothers, my friends and teachers, that they may serve You on earth and meet You in Heaven.

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