I find I am often led away from God by the 1,000 preoccupations and interests of my family, by the grief which I have allowed to absorb my heart and mind. When this happens, I should rest a while, think and pray, and God will surely come to my assistance.    Mary Virginia Merrick

Many Chapters have found ways to offer opportunities to their members to make time to “think and pray” as Mary Virginia Merrick recommended.

We observe a Day of Prayer annually, either in the fall or during the Lenten season.  We usually bring in a special speaker; this may involve a presentation and discussion, prayer reflections, times of silence and meditation, music, and varied forms of participation.  Sometimes this day has included Mass.

Quad Cities
An annual retreat has been held since the chapter opened.  The retreat has been at a Benedictine Monastery, with the Brothers of St. John and with another Catholic women’s group.

We sponsor two Days of Reflection.  Our Fall Reflection, held in October, has now become a day of retreat directed by our Spiritual Advisor.  This retreat is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and includes lunch.  There are two Presentations given by the director, followed by Quiet Reflection Periods, Small Group Discussions, and then Small Group Feedbacks.

Our Spring Reflection Day takes place in April.  We gather for this on Lourdes University campus which is a beautiful, inspirational setting.   This is held from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and begins in the Queen of Peace Chapel with a welcoming that centers on the day’s theme.  The group (sometimes two smaller groups) walks through the campus stopping at five different areas where a Christ Child member reflects on one segment of the day’s theme.  These themes have included:  “Women Who Said ‘Yes’”; “A Walk With Scripture” and “Expressing Gratitude“ which centered around the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Washington D.C.
Typically, we hold a morning of reflection for our members where we invite a priest to speak on a topic that seems timely and appropriate. It may be about the spirituality of volunteerism, the legacy of MVM today, ways to live out our faith through prayer and service etc.  We usually follow the 2 hour talk with the rosary then have a mass.

We do have a retreat each October usually held at the Jesuit Retreat House.  We get a speaker, have Mass and lunch.

Cape May
We hold an annual Day of Recollection at the Marianist Retreat Center at Cape May Point. A part of the day is usually focused on Mary Virginia Merrick. Often select Christ Child members offer reflections on their membership or a quote from our foundress, Mass is always offered.

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