• Dayton

Every May we have a Memorial Mass. Ladies donate a certain amount of money (@$35) to have as many special women in their lives as they wish to be remembered. The money goes toward our layette program. The names of the deceased memorials and living memorials are read out before the beginning of the Mass.

  • Quad Cities

The Quad Cities Chapter of the Christ Child Society has a mass celebrated once a month. At the monthly mass the intentions that Mary Virginia Merrick be canonized are included. We try to schedule activities after mass like a prolife pancake breakfast, planning meetings, installation of new members and officers.

  • Summit

The Summit chapter hosts an annual baby shower and Mass in the spring.  The event begins with a Mass and is followed by lunch.  Lunch is provided by the members.  Every member and guest either donates money or a baby item for a layette.  The event is very well attended and is the last event of the year.

During the year from September thru June our members are encouraged to attend the first Tuesday of the month daily mass at our local church.  We sit together and bring our prayer list to this Mass.  We are hosting our first home Mass at one of our member’s homes in December 2011. Following this Mass, members will be invited to stay for coffee.

  • Toledo

We do hold an annual Mass.  It is held in May after the snow birds have returned back home.  Our Spiritual Advisor normally presides at Mass but a few times it has been the Bishop of Toledo who has presided. At this Mass, which is a celebration of service, we honor Mary Virginia Merrick and her mission.  This is also an opportunity to offer to God our Volunteer Hours for the particular year, and to remember all those for whom memorials and tributes have been offered.  The incoming officers are either installed during this liturgy or are installed at our Spring Luncheon which immediately follows the Mass.

  • Washington D.C.

Yes, we hold an Annual Founder’s Day Mass and Breakfast.  The mass is in honor of deceased members and we list a necrology during the petitions.  Then, we have a breakfast where we have done a number of things:  highlight a program, give the canonization presentation and video, have a town hall meeting on current member issues etc.  In addition, we give awards at Founder’s Day (Volunteer Cum Laude and Mary Virginia Merrick Award).

  • Geauga County

We have an Investiture Mass in May.  We install officers and we give the Mary Virginia Merrick Award on alternate years; annually we install new members and honor those members celebrating anniversaries for five, ten, fifteen years etc. at this Mass.

  • Cleveland

We hold Masses each month at the cathedral for our members special intentions and we hold an Installation Mass for our Provisional class each March. We also have a Mass to start out the new year for the Board.

  • Detroit

We celebrate a liturgy before the Annual Meeting in January at which we install our new members. In addition we celebrate a liturgy in November at which we conduct a ceremony of lighting candles and naming any members of family members who have died in the past year. Finally, once a month we join Msgr. Zenz at his 8:00 am weekly Mass for a Mass and chat. He includes CCS in the intentions and then members stay for coffee and socializing following the service.

  • Door County

Each December we celebrate a Shower of Love Mass with the school children of St. John Bosco School.  Bishop Morneau of Green Bay is the principle celebrant along with the Priests of Door County.  This special Mass is followed by a Shower of Love Luncheon.

  • South Bend

In Memoriam Masses are held each 25th day of the month throughout the year.

  • Western Reserve

Communion Breakfast held each year in November to honor members we’ve lost due to death during that year.  Their families are invited to attend.

  • Summit

Some of the Summit Christ Child members were fortunate enough to celebrate mass last Tuesday with Father Brian Plate at the beautiful home of our member Lisa O’Hearn.  Despite the dreary day, it was a welcome respite during the busy days of the Christmas season.  The idea for the home mass came about in a conversation with our Spirituality co-chairs Tracy Stabler and Lori White.  We reminisced about home masses from our youth and I mentioned that my Uncle was a priest and we celebrated many masses in my family room with my best friend and I singing and playing the guitar.  I bet you didn’t know I played a mean “They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love” on the guitar! Back to the mass-we had a “sold out” crowd of 19 in Lisa’s living room.  It was lovely, spiritual and brought us all together for the purpose of celebrating out faith with one another. May the bright light continue in the months to come.

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