"True charity is awakened by personal service our members render to children in need."  Mary Virginia Merrick, Servant of God

Based on guiding principles offered by Mary Virginia Merrick in 1948, the guidelines offered here are intended to help chapters meet the needs of today's at-risk children and their families.  They are adapted from the Challenging Poverty: One Child At a Time Program Manual produced by the NCCS in 2003 and most recently revised in 2015.  

In 1954 Miss Mary wrote: "The guiding principle of the Society has always been personal service rendered for love of the Christ Child to the least of these His little ones.  In developing this purpose the Society has widened and deepened its activities to meet the exigencies of the time."

The Challenging Poverty, 2nd edition manual is intended for use by Christ Child chapters across the country to help them start new hands-on programs and evaluate and make adjustments to existing programs. Programs such as these require personal service on the part of our members and offer Christ Child volunteers the opportunity to have a more lasting impact on the lives of at-risk children and their families.

Keep in mind that people typically join an organization such as the Christ Child Society because they want to make a difference in lives of people in their communities, and out of a desire to form new friendships. They need to believe in the worth of what they're doing and find it enjoyable.

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